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Our advice on neutering

In all species, neutering of your pet will require a general anaesthetic. For the surgical procedure, your pet will be with us for the day. The operation usually takes place in the morning, with your pet being discharged in the afternoon. Recovery from the operation takes between 3 and 10 days, depending on the procedure.

Female patients are spayed (dressed, neutered). Males are castrated (neutered, snipped).

20% off neutering is included in our Pet Health Club.


Bitches are general spayed around 4 months of age or before their first season. However, if your bitch is older, it is recommended to wait until around 3 months after their season before they are spayed. Spaying of bitches prevents litters of unwanted puppies, false pregnancies and pyometras. Spaying your bitch also significantly reduces the risk of mammary tumours, if not eliminating it all together.

Male dogs can be castrated at any time once their testicles have descended. Generally we castrate dogs from 6 months of age. Castration prevents prostate problems from developing and it can reduce behaviour that is driven by sexuality, although this is not a ‘cure all’ procedure.

There are some disadvantages to neutering your pet. Some neutered pets have a tendency to gain weight after the procedure. This is avoidable by monitoring your pet’s weight and feeding less if required. Urinary incontinence can also become a problem after surgery, particularly with bitches.


Cats can be neutered from 4 months of age. Female cats are neutered to prevent unwanted litters of kittens. Also, female cats when on heat become very vocal, with personality changes.

Male cats are neutered to stop them from fathering unwanted kittens. Entire male cats have very pungent smelling urine that they use to mark their territory, including in your house. As entire cats are territorial, they get into fights causing wounds and abscesses. Entire male cats also have a tendency to stray, sometimes not returning home for weeks! Castration of male cats goes a long way to reducing these problems.

Other Pets

We also neuter rabbits and ferrets. This stops unwanted offspring and helps stop fighting between house mates. For more information on this, please contact the surgery and talk to one of our nurses.

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