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Worms Fleas and Ticks

Worms and Flea/Tick Treatment


• Worms 

All pets will be affected by worms at some stage in their life. They may become re-infected unless they are given regular, routine    worming treatments. Worming your pet is simple and inexpensive, so regular treatment is strongly recommended, particularly as some worms can affect humans too.


• Fleas

Fleas are the most common parasite in pets and every cat and dog is likely to be affected at some point. There are many products, available from your vets, which will prevent fleas becoming a problem in your home. We can give you advice on the best product for your pet and stop these nasty little insects from biting!


• Ticks 

Ticks are common parasites affecting dogs, cats and humans. They require blood from their host to fully mature. Ticks preferred environments for growing include forests, grass and moorland, making the North of Scotland a popular location!

Ticks can cause several problems when they bite, including: transmission of a number of serious diseases. These include Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis and Lyme disease,


- Severe skin reactions


- When there are large numbers of ticks on a host, the blood loss can be severe enough to cause anaemia

The diseases mentioned above can be very difficult and expensive to treat. Fortunately, there are effective products, available from your vet, which will prevent ticks from latching on to your pets.

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