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It is now a legal requirement in the UK for all dogs to be microchipped. Puppies should be microchipped by their breeder who should be registered as the first keeper of the pup. Once sold the new owner then adds their details onto the database. This allows a puppy to be traced back to its source should the need arise.


A microchip is a small implant that is inserted under the skin along the back of your pet. When a scanner is passed over your pet, it picks up the unique barcode number from the microchip and displays it on a screen.  Once your pet has been microchipped, its barcode number and your contact details will be logged on a national database.


When stray or stolen pets are found and taken to a vet, the police, rescue centre, dog warden or the SSPCA they will be scanned for their microchip number.  We can then contact the microchip database and use the registered information stored there to reunite owner and pet once more.


Please ensure that if you move or your details change you inform the chip company so you can be reunited with your pet as quickly as possible.

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